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Lane Service Sharing Network

How Can I Help?

As well as doing services for other LSSN members, you can earn hours supporting LSSN. 

These are some of the committees that would love to  have your support if you have the relevant skills. 

Participant Helpers - Help others learn how to use our system, and support them in discovering what they can give and what they can receive. Help to matchmake others needs. We are full right now, but will need another Participant Helper or 2 as we expand.

Skills needed - great communication skills, able to get back to others quickly, ability to help others identify their needs and talents. Contact Amanda Krichbaum through LSSN or call 541-603-3142.

Mediation Team - Help participants who have an unsatisfactory exchange create as close to a win-win as possible. Skills needed - Mediation experience. Call 541-603-3142

Outreach Team  - Let others know about LSSN through tabling, setting up talks, online outreach, etc. Skills needed: a lot of personal connections or a personable tabler, or skills in some other specific form of outreach (creating flyers, social media etc.) One need is a person to watch over and maintain our Facebook page. Call 541-603-3142

Graphics Team - Help create Graphics for LSSN Website, Social Media, and/or printed flyers. 

Contact Thomas Price through LSSN or call 541-603-3142

Computer Support - help maintain and upgrade our LSSN Website

Skills: strong software skills. Contact Thomas LSSN or call 541-603-3142

Events Team - help create monthly potlucks and quarterly larger gatherings. Cal 541-603-3142

LSSN Core Team Notetaker - attend and take notes at weekly LSSN Core Team meetings held Wednesday 4:30-6:30. Skills needed - good admin type skills, a skilled and willing note taker, and a strong commitment to LSSN. Amanda Krichbaum through LSSN or 541-603-3142.

Orientation Team - Host - We would love someone who has a house which has a quality gathering area for groups of 12 or less to be used for orientations 2 times a month. The closer to downtown the better. Contact Amanda at LSSN or call 541-603-3142.

And of course you can donate money to help us pay for the expenses of running the network! (not tax deductible)